im never opening up to anyone ever again its a stupid idea

Empirical evidence has deemed it so.

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  • X: So I tried to ask that girl out.
  • Y: oh yeah? What'd she say?
  • X: I don't know, I blacked out once I realized what direction the conversation was heading.
  • X: I blacked out pretty fast.

Yesterday I awoke to a voicemail message: hey Wattana, it’s Leah from the Chinese cultural center. Blah blah blah, blah blah visa should come in soon blah blah blah, we will need a three letter code for the airport blah blah blah. BY THE WAY YOULL BE LEAVING OCTOBER 6th GOODBYE. 
*slams phone down real fast*

like, what? I just woke up and you’re dropping *this on me?

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"Oh Pho Sho!

I heart Pho.


When I am old and senile and my mind begins to slip through the cracks of reality and memory, your name will let loose at the tip of my tongue like Orion’s arrow from his bow and into the world ever so seamlessly and into the heart of the woman who cares for me now; a sliver of shock and wonder at the distance one has traveled throughout a life without a being like you. But in the end, it is her that will be by my side and not you; and though that arrow will be meant for love lost, the afterthought will be placed in regret and disappointment


I had no idea my life was in a gifset.

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Me going to china will cement me being a singular person for the rest of my life I imagine….I don’t really see any other way out of it.

I grow tired of being the constant arbiter between friends who are lovers and friends who are with strangers.