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In response to the news of a black captain america

I found out that Captain America is being replaced by Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon which in all honesty isn’t that big a deal since there’s an established history between the two but Marvel are cashing in their coins by simply using the word Black Captain America as a selling point and it’s gotten some people riled up. This is what I had to say:

As an Asian American who has little to no “Racial superheroes” to speak of, I can only sit on the sidelines and laugh at the pettiness from people on either side. There’s a cuban/black skinned spider-man, a muslim Ms. Marvel, a female Thor, a handful of black superheroes like Luke Cage, Aqualad from Young Justice, The Falcon, Goliath, we have super-heroes from poor and rich backgrounds, robots, aliens, you name it. 

But where is the Asian representation? we have the Japanese Sunfire, and a Thai Psylocke, who was originally British but was changed probably because Asian women are exotic and hot. There’s also Elektra but she’s more of an anti-hero as far as I understand. And that’s really cool, don’t get me wrong. But Asians in general are wildly either ignored or otherwise misrepresented and underrated in nearly ANY media, comics, movies, music, you name it.

I get why having a black Captain America is important to some people but as the middle man who grew up never really having ANY superhero representation, and who’s race in general is often ridiculed, (often right in front of our face because somehow it’s okay to do that with Asians but not other races), such discussion mostly leaves me thinking, “well, what about us?”

I’m not complaining, I do however find it intriguing at the least whenever notions of “underrepresentation” splurted out. obviously such an issue, though salient, are not easily mended over night. 

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Her I love you’s 

are like the I hate you’s from a rom com

and when she bats those eyelashes

they swing straight to my heart


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